Release the Bats 2016!

We had a big, curious, and excited crowd out on a chilly May 12th evening to release this past winter's batch of bat rescues!  We were joined by Dr. Mark Brigham, professor of biology and researcher from the University of Regina who oversees our bat rescue program, and his grad student Shelby Bohn, who has been doing active research with our bats to explore effective tagging methods. 

In partnership with the University of Regina, we run a Bat Rescue Program each winter. Big brown bats hibernate during the winter, but sometimes they don't pick great spots, and end up waking up in places where humans don't want them like a home or office.  If you find a bat out of hibernation, you can call us at 306.791.7900. We'll get in touch with the University of Regina who will send someone to pick up the bat safely, then give it a check-up to make sure it isn't sick or injured.  Healthy bats then get to spend the winter with us!  We keep them safe, warm, and most importantly, fed over the winter and then send them back into the wild in the spring.

The Saskatchewan Science Centre gratefully acknowledges the support of NSERC and the Canadian Association of Science Centres for the support of our 2016 Bat Release, and were pleased to present the event as part of Science Odyssey

Here's some footage from the night!