Ignite Festival 2016

What is Ignite?

The webpage says that it is art, science, engineering, and more brought together to build connections and encourage imaginative invention in our community. But, what does that MEAN?

For Makers

Put simply, if you build things – ANYTHING – that you’d like to show off, this is a chance for you to show it off to hundreds of people who might be interested. The Exhibitor Showcase (Saturday) features everything from 3D printers to 3D printed objects, electronics projects, artwork, handcrafted toys, and more. Building things, and showing off the things you build, is fun! It’s also more. While you pursue your passion to build things, you are also inspiring others to do the same. Showing off the cool things you build to hundreds of other people spreads the excitement about building, creating, and innovating.

For Future Makers

Maybe you haven’t built anything, but you’d really like to get started. Then you should come to the Family Maker Day (Friday). This is a day of guided projects where Science Centre staff will walk you through a few different projects so that you can experience the joy and creative rush that comes from bringing new things into the world.

For Adults Looking To Experiment

Thursday evening is the Workshop Series. This is like an Adult Science Night (complete with bar and for those 19+) version of the Family Maker Day. Build cool things, have a couple of drinks, take a cab home.

Other Venues

We’re also looking for other activities outside of the Science Centre, to grow the Ignite Festival into a city-wide event. Maybe you have a restaurant that would like to host a molecular gastronomy night? Or maybe you’d like to host an electronics class or painting session somewhere – that’s great too!

Here’s a video from last year’s event to inspire you. If you’d like to get involved – in any way – send us an email to outreach1@sasksciencecentre.com and we’ll work something out!