April is Earth Month at the Saskatchewan Science Centre

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Earth Month 2016

In April we will celebrate everything about our earth – how we live on it, what else lives on it, and what everyone can do to take care of our wonderful planet – now and for the future.  Celebrate Earth Month at the Saskatchewan Science Centre with special 2pm Family Activities, Exhibit Floor Features, Stage Shows, and Special Events and Presentations!


2pm Family Activities

April 2/3 - Find Your Way

Compasses are incredibly useful when you need help finding your way. This weekend at the Saskatchewan Science Centre, we’ll be teaching you how to make a simple compass, and talking about some of the other kinds of compasses the people use.

April 9/10 - Water Filtration

When in the wild, it is important to note where you’re going to get fresh drinking water. Come experiment with us and see if we can’t get those pesky particles out of our water!

April 16/17 - Put a Ring on It

Unlike people, trees don’t celebrate being another year older with cake and presents – instead, they add another ring to their trunk! We’ll be looking closer at what these rings can tell us, and then we’ll be making our own version for you to take home.

April 23/24 – Give a Helping ... Wing?

Its springtime and some birds are making nests and laying eggs. Come make your own nest helper to take home and give a helping “wing” to the birds in your area as their build their new home.

April 30/May 1 - Follow the Leader

There are lots of different clues that animals can leave to let others know they’ve been in the area. One of the easiest ones to follow is their tracks! Join us this weekend to learn more about what animal tracks can tell us, and then make your own track story!


Exhibit Floor Features

  • Giant Earth Month Coloring wall – located on main floor
  • Building Connections Exhibit– Learn all about sustainable building practices and how to be more energy efficient while exploring the how to build your very own house.
  • Wild Saskatchewan Exhibit – Explore biodiversity in Saskatchewan in the Wild Saskatchewan Exhibit.  Learn about animals in Saskatchewan that are endangered, extirpated and extinct.
  • Windyville Exhibit– learn all about wind power as an alternative energy source and where it is used in Saskatchewan.


Stage Shows

The Bat Show

Bats are known for many things and are sometimes misunderstood. Learn more about these special creature and whey they are so important to our ecosystem.  Even meet one of our resident bats.

Superheroes of Sustainability

Everyone can be superheroes of sustainability to help protect the environment and use resources wisely. During this stage show we look into the superpowers provided by our planet that can be found with fire, earth, air and water. You'll get to learn about solar and wind power, plus witness an erupting volcano.


Special Events and Presentations

April 2 – 12pm – 5pm – Regina Recycles! with the City of Regina's Solid Waste Department

Join the City of Regina’s Solid Waste staff for an afternoon of waste and recycling fun! This family-friendly event is a great way to discover where our garbage and recycling in Regina goes, learn simple ways to reduce waste at home, how to sort your recyclables, and why it’s important to dispose of hazardous waste properly. Drop in anytime during the event for activities, games, prizes and more!  Learn more about it here>>

April 22nd – Happy Earth Day!

Celebrate Earth Day all day long at the Science Centre!

  • 10:15am - Star Lab - get a new perspective on Earth with our digital planetarium! (Spaces are limited, sign up at front desk)
  • 10:30am-12pm - Gardening Herbs & Veggies, and Vermicompost Workshops with Sarah, Wascana Centre’s Park Naturalist on the main floor.
  • 11:00am - Star Lab - get a new perspective on Earth with our digital planetarium! (Spaces are limited, sign up at front desk)
  • 11:45am - Star Lab - get a new perspective on Earth with our digital planetarium! (Spaces are limited, sign up at front desk)
  • 12:30pm-1:00pm - Celebrate Earth’s 4.54 billion birthday with Special Earth Day Cake and sing happy birthday to the Earth!  Join us on the 2nd floor at the AgroLand Bistro.
  • 1:00pm-3:00pm - Nature Art Workshop and Giant Nature Obstacle Course with Sarah, Wascana Centre’s Park Naturalist on the main floor.
  • 1:30pm- 2:30pm -  Compostable Planter Workshop - Create a compostable planter out of recycled material that you will plant with your very own flower! Join us at the 2nd floor Space Stadium Stage.

Saturday, April 23 – 1:30pm-2:30pm – Bat Meet and Greet

Meet our very own bat researchers, and some of their subjects!  Shelby and Brandon, grad students at the University of Regina, will be hanging out on the main floor to answer any questions you might have about bats, and to let you meet some of the big brown bats who are currently over-wintering here at the Science Centre.


Information & Activity Ideas

Biodiversity and Conservation in Canada:

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Wascana Centre's Junior Naturalist Program