SaskTel Family 2pm Activities


Drop by on weekends for a variety of fun, free* family activities! Each activity will start at 2pm, so be sure to bring the whole family!


August 30th to September 1st: Skeletally Mature!

This September it’s all about YOU! Adult humans commonly have 206 bones in their bodies. Yet, when we are born we actually have more! Check out our activity this weekend to learn more about the fusing of our bones together as we age and other cool facts about the skeleton, while making a model skeleton to take home.

September 6th & 7th: Simple Machines!

Put YOUR construction skills to the test! Discover how energy works in our lives! Families work together to construct models of real-life devices. Experiment and use your problem-solving skills as and learn the function of levers, gears, and pulleys.

September 13th & 14th: Straw & Tape!

This weekend YOU’RE in control! Build a tower using nothing but drinking straws and tape. The goal is to build the strongest tower that can withstand a powerful wind.

September 20th & 21st: Thaumatrope!

What do YOU see? Come learn the basics of animation and how it plays tricks on your eyes with still pictures. Make your own thaumatrope to create custom animation.

September 27th & 28th: Create A Dinosaur!

Explore the world of dinosaurs by investigating the makeup of this organism, one cell at a time. Families will work together to create their own dinosaur by building upon unique genotypes and phenotypes. This activity is included with the general admission fee.


* Activities are free, but regular admission fees to the Saskatchewan Science Centre still apply.


Saskatchewan Science Centre 2pm family activities are proudly supported by SaskTel.

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For the whole family

Sometimes it's a craft or a game, and sometimes it's more experiment or exploration, but either way our 2pm activities are a fun way for the entire family to get hands-on with science.



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