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Drop by on weekends for a variety of fun, free* family activities! Each activity will start at 2pm, so be sure to bring the whole family!


August 1st, 2nd & 3rd: Iceberg Ahead!

Icebergs are giant chunks of ice that have fallen off of glaciers or ice shelf and are floating in the ocean. But how much of it is below the surface of the water? Join us at the Saskatchewan Science Centre for this super cool experiment!

August 8th & 9th: It's a Slippery Slope!

Often in the winter, we will find a layer of ice under the blankets of snow. But how did this ice form without the snow melting and refreezing? We’ll discover together and make some really delicious “ice”!

August 15th & 16th: String Arm Strong

How strong is your string? Can it lift an ice cube? Come to the Science Centre this weekend and test out your string strength!

August 22nd & 23rd: I'm Melting!

We all know that ice melts, but when it’s winter, it seems like that melting takes forever! Join us to figure out how to make ice melt quicker, and make some beautiful works of art while it does!

August 29th & 30th: Snow ... In August?!

Here in Saskatchewan, it’s usually too warm for us to have snow in August – or is it? We’ll be making our very own instant snow at the Saskatchewan Science Centre and figuring out how to make it melt before your eyes!

September 5th, 6th & 7th: Thirsty Trees

All plants need water to live, but when it’s winter and there’s no rain in sight, just how do those plants survive? Come find out just how capillary action works and grow your very own salt tree!


* Activities are free, but regular admission fees to the Saskatchewan Science Centre still apply.


Saskatchewan Science Centre 2pm family activities are proudly supported by SaskTel.

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For the whole family

Sometimes it's a craft or a game, and sometimes it's more experiment or exploration, but either way our 2pm activities are a fun way for the entire family to get hands-on with science.



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