SaskTel 2pm Activities


Drop by on weekends for a variety of fun, free* family activities! Each activity will start at 2pm, so be sure to bring the whole family!


April 18th & 19th: Make Paper!

Where does paper come from? How is it made? Come find out while making your own special Science Centre paper out of recycled materials!

April 25th & 26th: Heads of Grass

Grassy heads! Create your own living sculpture! Observe at home how quickly your grass grows, what it needs to grow, and... what happens when you give it a fun haircut!


* Activities are free, but regular admission fees to the Saskatchewan Science Centre still apply.


Saskatchewan Science Centre 2pm family activities are proudly supported by SaskTel.

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For the whole family

Sometimes it's a craft or a game, and sometimes it's more experiment or exploration, but either way our 2pm activities are a fun way for the entire family to get hands-on with science.



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2903 Powerhouse Drive, 
Regina, SK (Take Wascana Drive east off Broad Street, on the north side of Wascana Lake) 


Fun Fact

In 1889 Thomas Edison invented the kinetograph, a camera using rolls of coated celluloid film, and the Kinetoscope, a device for viewing a sequence of photographs - an early movie camera and