April is Earth Month at the Saskatchewan Science Centre

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Earth Month 2017

Getting ready to celebrate Earth Day? Come join the fun for the entire month of April at the Science Centre! One day isn’t enough time for us to talk about all the amazing things we have to celebrate, so each year we take some extra moments all month long to focus on our planet – how we live on it, explore who, and what, else lives on it, and things we can all do to take care of our home.  April is Earth Month at the Saskatchewan Science Centre – come celebrate with us!

Explore special 2pm Family Activities, Exhibit Floor Features, Stage Shows, and Special Events below!

2pm Family Activities

April 1/2 - Make a Nest

What do gorillas, eagles and sea turtles all have in common? They all build nests! This weekend, we’ll be talking about and building your own mini-nest to take home!

April 8/9 - Marsh Monsters

The Saskatchewan Science Centre sits right next to Wascana Lake, home to all kinds of amazing plant and animal life. Some of that life is so small that it’s really hard to see with the naked eye. Join us as we bring out our microscopes to take a closer look at what’s living in and around Wascana Lake!

April 14/15/16/17 - House on the River

Everyone dreams of living in a different kind of house – some people wish they had a water slide, some want a roller coaster in their backyard, some want to live in the country, and others crave the city life. But what effect can these different living situations have on the environment? That’s what we’ll be trying to figure out this weekend!

April 18/19/20/21 – Fashion a Fish

All animals have different adaptations to help them thrive in their habitat. This weekend we’ll be looking at how different fish adaptations work to make sure the species survives for another generation.

April 22/23 - Windowsill Gardening

Now that spring is here, many people are beginning to plant their gardens to tend throughout the next few seasons. We’ll show you how you can begin a tiny garden of your own and help it grow in your window!

April 29/30 - Smog in a Jar

“Smog” is the term used to describe a noxious mixture of gases and particles that often appear as a haze in the air, and is often a product of pollution. Join us as we discuss smog and make some smog in a jar to help us understand why it’s so harmful.

Exhibit Floor Features

  • Giant Earth Month Coloring wall – located on the main floor
  • Building Connections Exhibit– Learn all about sustainable building practices and how to be more energy efficient while exploring the how to build your very own house.
  • Windyville Exhibit– learn all about wind power as an alternative energy source and where it is used in Saskatchewan.

Stage Shows

The Bat Show

Bats are sometimes misunderstood. Learn more about these special creatures and whey they are so important to our ecosystem.  Even meet one of our resident bats!

Superheroes of Sustainability

Everyone can be superheroes of sustainability to help protect the environment and use resources wisely. During this stage show we look into the superpowers provided by our planet that can be found with fire, earth, air and water. You'll get to learn about solar and wind power, plus witness an erupting volcano.

Special Events and Presentations

If you would like to bring a class or group to any of the following, please get in touch with Peg at 306-791-7943 or bookings@sasksciencecentre.com to make a booking in advance.

April 1: 1pm – 2pm – Earth Month Speaker Series

Phil Rose will be presenting on Southwestern Saskatchewan grassland songbirds. This talk is free with your general admission and will take place in our Small Theatre.

April 7: 2:30pm – 3:30pm – Earth Month Speaker Series

Fidgi Gendron and Malin Hansen from the First Nations University of Canada will be presenting on Native Prairie Plants and will do a mini workshop on planting. This talk is free with your general admission and will take place in our Small Theatre.

April 8: 1pm – 2pm – Earth Month Speaker Series

Gabriel Foley of the University of Regina will present on how nighthawks choose their habitat.  This talk is free with your general admission and will take place in our Small Theatre.

April 22nd – Happy Earth Day!

Celebrate Earth Day all day long at the Science Centre!

Activities and times are subject to change without notice.

12:30 – 1:00pm - Earth Day Cake

Celebrate Earth!  Help us celebrate the Earth by enjoying some Earth Cake and singing Happy Birthday to our planet.

Location: AgGrowLand Bistro, 2nd floor

 1:00pm, 3:00pm and 5pm - Marsh Nature Walks (sign up required)

Guided family-friendly Marsh Nature Walk led by the University of Regina Ducks Unlimited Student club. On the walk, you will be learning more about invertebrate sampling.  As well, you will help to keep the park clean of trash by picking up any litter along the way.

Walks will be about 45 minutes long.

Sign up will occur in the front lobby.  Please meet at the front lobby 5 minutes prior to your scheduled walk time. Space is limited.

Location: Sign up and meet in the front lobby

*Please dress for outdoor weather conditions with appropriate clothing and footwear.

2:00pm – 2:30 pm - Windowsill Gardening

Windowsill Gardening – Start you own windowsill garden!

Location: AgGrowLand Bistro, 2nd floor

3pm -5pm - Plant-able Paper

Make paper you can plant!  Using recycled paper material and seeds we will make plant-able papers that you can take home and plant in your own garden. 

Location: AgGrowLand Bistro, 2nd floor

Thank you to The Cooperators for their partnership in Earth Month!
Thank you also to Wascana Centre and the University of Regina Ducks Unlimited Student Club for helping with the Earth Day Activities.