Frequently Asked Questions

I see "Movie X" advertised as being in IMAX. Will you be playing it?

That depends. Our theatre uses IMAX 15/70mm film, a unique film format that provides outstanding picture quality and a unique 4:3 aspect ratio. Many documentary films are delivered in this format, but very few Hollywood movies are produced this way due to cost. When a Hollywood film is available on IMAX 15/70mm film, we almost always bring it in.

Does the Saskatchewan Science Centre have anything for toddlers to do?

All of our exhibits are hands on so at any age you can have a dynamic experience. Early learners love our hot air balloon, bubble area and the exhibit areas Building Connections and Just Pretend. In Building Connections (located on 3rd floor) there is a large play house that is built very much like a real house. You can add shingles, siding and bricks. Just Pretend is a room separated from the rest of the 3rd floor and is filled with large blue blocks. This exhibit allows for early learners to explore on their own, build and knock down their creation.

We also have daily schedule stage shows that families can watch together. More suited to the earlier learner, we have a program call Science Tots which occurs on Tuesday mornings. It is a hands on iterative activity for ages 1 – 4. This is included with admission.