Noon Year's Eve

Celebrate New Year's during the day with your whole family!

Monday, December 31st 10am-4pm

Please note that General Admission rates and Member Admission rates do not apply on this day. Only Noon Year's Eve ticket holders will be allowed entry to the Science Centre.

Looking for an amazing way to spend New Year’s Eve with your family? Join us with your kids, your friends, and everyone you know at the Science Centre and ring in the New Year without staying up late! Our BIG BANG Stage Show starts at 11:45am and you can help us countdown to Noon. Don't miss this awesome event with a ton of added activities, free snacks, face painting, and so much more! Check out all the details below.

Tickets: $15 per person (Ages 2 and under are free)

NEW! Add-on Robots 3D in IMAX for only $3 more!

Click on the Images below for more info, or just scroll down the page! 

Stage Shows - At the 2nd Floor Space Stadium Stage

10:45  The Matter Of Fact Show

  • Did you know that water expands when it freezes? Or that mercury is the only metal that is in liquid form at room temperature? We see solids, liquids, and gases every day, but what about the fourth state of matter-plasma? Learn some interesting facts about the states of matter with this interactive stage show demonstration.

11:45  The BIG BANG Show

  • Help us bring in 2019 with a bang! This stage show only happens one day a year, so don’t miss out!

12:45 The Space Show

  • What is gravity? How do rockets escape Earth’s gravity? What effect does the vacuum of space have on humans? This show is out-of-this-world!

1:45 The Static Show

  • What is static electricity, and how does it occur? We’ll look at how static electricity can be generated and have a hair-raising good time!

2:45 The Cryogenics Show

  • Find out about the solids, liquids, and gases that make up our world while we look at the effects of very cold temperatures on matter in all of its state with the help of liquid nitrogen. A truly chilling demonstration!

All Day Activities - Grab a Program on the day to locate these Stations

DIY Bath Fizzies

  • Things are about to get fizzy! Explore the science behind how household products work together to turn a bathtub into a fizzy, bubbly experiment. Visitors will take home a custom made bath fizz.

Cheek Cell Swabs

  • Learn how scientists see under a microscope by preparing a a sample from the best test subject: yourself! Prepare a microscope slide using a small, painless sample from your cheek and snap a picture of it with your cell phone.

Superhero Costume Factory

  • Start off a new year with a new superhero! Help design, build, and put together an awesome superhero costume and gear for our Science Centre Super Heroes. What will you build?

Quantum Science

  • Learn all about the science of Quantum and explore the cutting edge science of Quantum Mechanics, including superconductors, our ‘magic’ levitating track, and Quantum Cats!

Photo Booth

  • Snap a pic with your own camera in our Photo Area! We'll have some fun props to get a little silly. Be sure to tag us @sasksciencecentre on Instagram when you post your best shots!

Southeast Regional Library

  • Our friends from the Southeast Regional Library will be helping you make custom buttons to take home, will have awesome Sphero robots to check out, and a brand new Circuit Scribe activity for you to play with and explore.

Face Painting

  • What will you be? A kitty cat? Spiderman? A robot? The choice is yours, and there’s no extra cost!

Food - In the 1st Floor LWJ Gallery

Free Yogurt and a Bear Paw

  • Thanks to our friends at Sask Milk,enjoy a free yogurt and Bear Paw snack for everyone!

Cotton Candy and Concession

  • Buy a freshly made cotton candy treat or some snacks from our concession stand in the LWJ Gallery

Water Coolers by Rainsoft

  • Grab all the water you can drink from one of our water fountains, or from the Rainsoft Water Coolers in the LWJ Gallery

IMAX Concession

  • The IMAX Concession will be open to everyone, so grab some popcorn, pop, chips, or nachos and enjoy!

Feel free to bring a bagged lunch from home and enjoy it at the tables in the LWJ Gallery.

Tips on Making This the BEST DAY EVER!

  • If our parking lot is full, use the the newly refurbished Candy Cane Park lot just a short walk away. Please do not block lanes, or park in our loading dock area as you will be ticketed or towed. The #15 Heritage bus stops right outside our doors if you would prefer not to park at all. If you're coming with friends, plan to carpool.

  • Enter through the main Science Centre Entrance not The Kramer IMAX Theatre.

  • There will be separate lines: those that have pre-purchased tickets, and those without tickets. Follow the signs or ask our staff to make sure you're in the right one. There may be a small wait time during peak hours, but we'll get you inside as quick as we can. Shorten your wait by pre-purchasing tickets!

  • This is a busy event, so let your kids know that if you get separated, Science Centre Staff and volunteers are the right people to ask for help.

  • The Kramer IMAX Theatre will be showing Robots 3D all day long. Don’t forget to add a screening to your tickets for only $3!

  • Relax, have fun, and enjoy all the added activities!

Awesome photo ops at Noon Year’s Eve!