Pandas: The Journey Home

National Geographic Entertainment (NGE) is proud to be bringing Pandas: The Journey Home to the world! An Oxford Scientific Films Production for Sky and NGE, in association with the Chinese Wildlife Conservation Association, Wolong Panda Conservation Centre, CCTV9, and the National Geographic Channels, this film will make the entire world fall in love anew with this iconic, delightful creature as it helps audiences understand the desperate plight of pandas in the wild.

The filmmakers of Pandas: The Journey Home were granted unprecedented access to the Wolong Panda Conservation Centre, to bring to light the extraordinary efforts of the Chinese to secure the pandas’ future in the wild.

Made at a critical time in the history of the species, Pandas: The Journey Home shows how, after finally achieving success at captive breeding, the Chinese scientists involved with this effort must now face the ultimate challenge of successfully re-introducing pandas into their natural habitat.

Meet all of the pandas at the Centre as they get ready for their new lives in various parts of the world; learn about their fascinating habits as you chuckle at their hijinks. Turns out pandas are as much fun as they are cute, and they love getting the best of their keepers! Experience, too, the dedication of the scientists who work tirelessly on behalf of this amazing animal. And follow one panda in particular, Tau Tau, as he is released into the bamboo forest to begin his adventure living wild.

Rating: G

Run Time: 40 minutes

This film is presented in 3D.

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