Stage Shows

Taking place throughout the day, and included with your admission, our Stage Shows are sure to make your visit spectacular!  Schedules change daily.  To find out what we have planned today, call us at 306.791.7914.

Cryogenics Show

Find out about the solids, liquids, and gases that make up our world while we look at the effects of very cold temperatures on matter in all of its state with the help of liquid nitrogen. A truly chilling demonstration!

The Space Show

What are gravity and air pressure and how do they affect missions in space? We will look at how humans have adapted to these physical realities on Earth and how the astronauts deal with the same factors in space.

The Fire Show

Every fire needs three elements to complete the fire triangle: fuel, oxygen, and heat. Learn more about the fire triangle, the science of fire safety, and see colour changing flames in this hot show.  Fire has never been cooler!

Superheroes of Sustainability

Learn how to help protect the environment and use resources wisely while we look into the super-powers provided by out planet with fire, earth, air, and water. You'll get to learn about solar and wind power, plus witness and erupting volcano!

Static Show

What is static electricity, and how does it occur? We'll experiment with our Van deGraaf generator, and you may have the chance to try it out for yourself!

Cotton Candy Show

How do we taste, and what are the different kinds of taste? What is sugar? What are the different kinds of sugar? What is cotton candy, and how much sugar is really in it? Discover all of this and more, and after the show you’ll have a chance to purchase a bag of the Flavour of the Day!

Scales and Tails Show

Become part of a food web and see how different animals eat. At the end of the show, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about some of the different animals we have here at the Saskatchewan Science Centre.

Blood and Guts Show

Join us to travel through a few of the body’s different systems. You’ll have the opportunity to see how much air our lungs can hold, how our food travels through our body, and what exactly our blood is made of.