The Photography of Todd Mintz at the Saskatchewan Science Centre

January 6 to February 19, 2017

Now extended to February 28th!


In January 2017 the Saskatchewan Science Centre will play host to its second photography exhibition featuring the amazing underwater and nature photography of Todd Mintz.

Todd is a member of the prestigious Explorers Club whose members’ famous firsts include the North Pole, South Pole, Everest Summit, and landing on the moon. He has participated in numerous Arctic expeditions, diving under the arctic ice and icebergs, to traveling the world’s oceans to photograph its unique nature. He is also a member of the Ocean Artists Society.

Todd has built a significant reputation as a world-class award winning photographer. His work has been featured in two exhibitions at the Smithsonian Nature Museum in Washington, DC, the Canadian Nature Museum and his images have been awarded multiple Best of Show honours, and numerous international awards. His images have been published throughout the world in museums, magazines, books, journals, advertisements and a movie, including the Canadian Geographic, and the Magic School series.

His photos show wildlife in their natural habitat, doing the things that animals naturally do; although most people never have an opportunity to see. How does he do it? With a whole lot of patience and perseverance! And, a little luck.

As part of the exhibition Todd will be on hand to speak to numerous groups during events and school children as part of a visit to the Saskatchewan Science Centre. He’ll explain the challenges faced when trying to capture a shot in the ocean, the cold Canadian Arctic, or the hot prairie sun of Grasslands National Park.

This exhibition will not only showcase Todd’s recent work it provides a starting point for numerous discussions. A photo of the salmon run in British Columbia provides a wonderful opportunity to talk to students about the long migration that salmon take.

Other photos will spark discussion on the research that is underway in the Arctic about the impact of global warming on sea ice and consequently the polar bear.

Hosting the photography of Todd Mintz at the Saskatchewan Science Centre is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the talent of a local world renowned photographer, while discovering new things about the natural world we live in and abroad. 

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