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Amazing Butterflies!

Kramer IMAX Theatre

Island of Lemurs: Madagascar



*Monday, April 22 - 12pm to 6pm

Tuesday 9am - 5pm

Wednesday 9am - 5pm

Thursday 9am - 5pm

*Friday, April 18 - 12pm to 6pm

Saturday, April 19 - 12pm to 6pm

*Sunday, April 20 - 12pm to 6pm

*Monday, April 21 - 12pm to 6pm

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2903 Powerhouse Drive, 
Regina, SK (Take Wascana Drive east off Broad Street, on the north side of Wascana Lake) 

Fantasy Food 2014
By Ryan on 09-Apr-14 15:31.
Fantasy Food 2014 is over - and it was once again a huge success!
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Family Friendly
2pm Activities

Crafts or games, experiments or exploration, our 2pm activities are a fun way to learn with your little one.

April 19th to 21st: Build A Bat

In spring you start to see more and more animals coming out of hibernation and migrating back to Saskatchewan. One creature you may start to see is the bat. Discover more about these amazing nocturnal animals and even make one to take home!

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