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Kramer IMAX Theatre

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2903 Powerhouse Drive, 
Regina, SK (Take Wascana Drive east off Broad Street, on the north side of Wascana Lake) 

Science In The Park - September 12, 2015
By Ryan on 04-Sep-15 13:04.
The Science Centre is closed for maintenance from September 8th through 21st. Join us at McKenna Park in Harbour Landing on September 12 from 12pm to 4pm to get your science on!
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2pm Family

Crafts or games, experiments or exploration, our 2pm activities are a fun way to learn with your little one.

October 3rd & 4th: Melting Jell-O

Often, fruit can be added to Jell-O to make a really awesome Jell-O salad. However, if you add pineapple, something very strange happens. Join us at the Saskatchewan Science Centre to try out this super sweet experiment.

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