Science Centre Sleep-Over! A Science Camping Adventure!

Perfect for community groups, schools, clubs, and more, the Camp-In is your chance to explore the Science Centre when nobody else can - at night! Your Camp-In includes an IMAX film, interactive science activities, snacks, and more. When it's time to sleep, curl up in your favorite corner of the Science Centre and dream science-y things all night long. Before you leave in the morning, we'll even serve breakfast!


All camp-ins include:

• an IMAX film
• curriculum-based activities
• Exploring over 180 interactive hands-on exhibits through exploration on the exhibit floor
• science-themed stage show
• healthy evening snack
• “camping out” with your friends on the exhibit floor
• Healthy breakfast-to-go


Sample schedule:

06:15pm – arrival at IMAX theater doors and meet Science Explorer host
06:30pm – welcome orientation at space stadium stage for all students and group leaders
07:30pm – IMAX film
08:00pm – Interactive science activity
08:45pm – Snack time
09:15pm – Interactive science activity
11:00pm – Stage show and time to explore the exhibits
11:30pm – Prepare for lights out and bedtime
12:00pm – lights out
07:00 am – Wake up and breakfast
08:00 am – depart from the Science centre
* All times are subject to change


Dates & Times:

All Camp-Ins run from 6:15pm to 8:00am the next morning.
Dates are available from September to June, Tuesday through Saturday.


$40 per child (minimum 25 children*)
$10 per adult chaperone (required ratio of one chaperone per five students for supervision. Chaperones do not participate in student activities.)
Free admission for teachers

Programs are designed to suit Kindergarten to grade 9.

Minimum students: 25
Maximum students: 50

A non-refundable deposit of $525 must be received two
weeks in advance of your visit to confirm your booking.

* Have a small class? Partner with another group

Camp-In Themes


Science Mash-up!

Grades K – 3

This camp is full of a fun variety of of surprise hands-on activities suitable for young campers!

Curriculum Connections:
Science 1: Needs and Characteristics
of Living Things
Science 2: Animal Growth and Changes
Science 3: Plant Growth and Changes

Up and Away!

Grades K – 9

Astronauts? Physicists? Astrophysicists?!?
Investigate everything from space shuttles to planets to gravity and
forces, and experience a Camp-In that’s out of this world.

Curriculum Connections:
Science 2: Motion and Relative Position
Science 3: Magnetism and Static Electricity
Science 6: Our Solar System, Principals of Flight
Science 9: Exploring our Universe

Strategic Structures and Terrific Technology

Grades 3 – 9

Problem solve and program! Cooperate and collaborate!
Combine your willpower and brain power to conquer fun, hands-on
science challenges!

Curriculum Connections:
Science 3: Structures and Materials
Science 5: Forces and Simple Machines
Science 6: Understanding Electricity
Science 8: Forces, Fluids and Density
Science 9: Characteristics of Electricity

Heroes of Health

Grades 5 – 9

Team up with your classmates to explore the wondrous workings
of the human body. Take on healthy challenges with your team and
become your own health champion.

Curriculum Connections:

Science 5: Human Body Systems
Science 7: Interactions within the Ecosystems
Science 8: Cells, tissues, organs and systems
Science 9: Reproduction


Want More Information?

Contact Our Bookings Clerk:

(306) 791-7943 or 1(800) 667-6300 (ext. 3)