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Bring the Saskatchewan Science Centre to your school by booking our GO! Science outreach team. A science outreach visit lasts a full day, can reach your entire student body, and includes up to four programs. Each workshop is geared toward specific age groups and is linked to curricular outcomes. All this for only $500 plus milage. Join with other schools in your area to save on the mileage cost.

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Workshop Grade Level Maximum Students
A Spark of Chemistry K - 12 200
Matter of Fact K - 9 200
The What, Why, and How? K - 3 55
Mechanical Forces 3 - 6 60
Labyrinth of Light 4 - 11 50
Shocking! 6 - 9 50

A Spark of Chemistry

Chemistry in Action

Learn about the amazing world of chemistry by witnessing fantastic chemical reactions!  You will see amazing colour changes and explosions that are sure to ignite your curiosity.  Learn about how we can harness chemical reactions to power everyday things!

Grades: K–12

Maximum: 200 students

Length: 20 minutes

Curriculum Connections:

Science K: Materials and Objects

Science 2: Liquids and Solids

Science 5: Properties and Changes of Materials

Science 7: Mixtures and Solutions

Science 8: Fluids and Density

Science 9: Atoms and Elements

Science 10: Chemical Reactions

Physical Science 20: Foundations of Chemistry

Chemistry 30: Electrochemistry

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Labyrinth of Light

Experimenting with the properties of light

What is light?  How does it work?  How does it impact the technology we use?  In this hands-on workshop, students will utilize problem solving skills to determine how light reflects off of mirrors.  Students will also learn about the electro-magnetic spectrum and experiment with UV and fluorescence.

Grades: 4-11

Maximum: 50 students

Length: 1 hour  

Curriculum Connections:

Science 4: Light

Science 5: Weather

Science 6: Space

Science 8: Optics and Vision

Physical Science 20: Waves

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The What, Why, and How?

Investigating the World Around You

What is a magnet? How do balloons hold air? What makes something sticky? There are a lot of good questions out there and this workshop will try to answer a few of them. Students will move though stations to investigate friction, magnetism, motion, and structures.

Grades: K – 3

Maximum: 55 students

Length: 1 hour  

Curriculum Connections:

Science 1: Using Objects and Materials

Science 2: Motion and Relative Position

Science 3: Structures and Materials

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Matter of Fact

Did you know that water expands when it freezes? Or that mercury is the only metal that is in liquid form at room temperature? We see solids, liquids, and gases every day, but what about the fourth state of matter-plasma? Learn some interesting facts about the states of matter with this interactive stage show demonstration.

Grades: K–9

Maximum: 200 students

Length: 20 minutes

Curriculum Connections:

Science K: Materials and Objects

Science 2: Liquids and Solids

Science 5: Properties and Changes of Materials

Science 7: Mixtures and Solutions

Science 8: Fluids and Density

Science 9: Atoms and Elements

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Mechanical Forces: Energy, Motion... Discover!

Who were Sir Isaac Newton and Rube Goldberg? And what do they have in common? Students work in groups to create their own mechanism to solve a simulated real life situation. Inquiry based learning occurs as students use a variety of materials to make simple machines and discover the properties of forces and motion.

Grades: 3 – 6

Maximum: 60 students

Length: 1.5 hours 

Curriculum Connections:

Science 3: Structures and Materials

Science 5: Forces and Simple Machines

Science 6: Principles of Flight

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This hair-raising workshop takes you from electrostatic charges to parallel circuits and beyond. Students will learn about simple and parallel circuits through hands-on activities and then have the opportunity to make their own circuits. Let us join your class for a shocking experience!

Grades: 6 – 9

Maximum: 50 students 

Length: 1 hour

Curriculum Connections:

Science 6: Understanding Electricity

Science 9: Characteristics of Electricity

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