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Adult Science Night: Brain STEM

A Zombie epidemic at the Science Centre?! This might be the only time we invite you to come get infected. Learn about the science of the undead by exploring the possible side effects of a zombie contagion! Will you be cured by the end of the evening?

Head to the bar to be served up a bubbling cup of ... something. It's not alcohol, but are you feeling okay now? You look a little green.

You better find out what's happening. Go to the Pathology Lab to take a swab of your cheek. Is it a virus? Bacteria? or a pathogen that you've picked up?

What's happening to you? You're so hungry, and angry, and your coordination is getting worse. Better head to the Doctor's Surgery to dissect some jello brains to figure out what might be going wrong.

The infected are everywhere now. It's time to bug out, but man, you are not feeling okay. Work in small teams, put on concussion goggles and scramble to gather what you need to escape to somewhere safer.

There's been a breakthrough, but scientists need more infected people to test their hypothesis. You're really not doing well now though, and neither is the group you're with. None of you can even speak anymore, but you've got to work together to solve the puzzle at the Research Centre.

Don't worry, we won't let you leave the building still infected. Pick up your candy cure as you leave.

We'll also have Lindi Edge - Film Spfx Makeup Artist, the wonderful SaskGames, the Regina Amateur Radio Association, and the Department of Parially Deceased Affairs out to complete your night.

Adult Science Nights are the Saskatchewan Science Centre – only for those 19+! Enjoy more advanced programming, new themes every month, a licensed bar and snacks, and all the science fun you can handle.

7pm-10pm on select dates

Admission: $12+gst. Science Centre Members get a 20% discount!

These are licensed events, only those 19 years of age and older are able to attend.

All visitors (yes, even you) must provide valid, government-issued photo ID or you will be refused entry.

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