Ignite! Festival

October 4th-7th, 2017

for the inspired, creative, and innovative

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Ignite! is art, science, engineering, and more brought together to build connections and encourage imaginative invention and innovation in our community – all at The Saskatchewan Science Centre. It’s a festival that encourages, celebrates, and demonstrates inventiveness from all angles. Ignite! brings together educators, exhibitors, and artists to show off their skills, their creations, and their Big Ideas to exemplify the best, the brightest and the boldest that Saskatchewan has to offer.

Exhibitor Registration is now open! Please fill out this form to register.

October 4th, 2017 - Ignite! Career Showcase

Want to learn more about innovative careers in Saskatchewan?  Bring your students to the Ignite Career Showcase October 4th, 2017.  Participating companies and organizations will engage students with hands on experiences relating to STEM fields. For more information on how your class can attend this innovative career fair please contact School Bookings at bookings@sasksciencecentre.com.

October 5th, 2017 - Ignite! Workshop Series

Get your science on with our 19+ only workshop series on Thursday, October 5th!

You'll be able to select one workshop to participate in, and can enjoy a cash bar all evening. A selection of our concession items will also be available for purchase. Space is limited, so purchase your tickets in advance online here or over the phone at 306-791-7914.

The bar opens at 6pm, and workshops all begin at 7pm.  All guests will be required to present valid, government issued photo-ID to gain entry on the night.

Tickets: $22.00+tax

Time: 6:00pm-8:30pm

Pick from:

Dissection Duo

  • Release the Kraken! Or at least what people thought was the Kraken - squid! In this dissection explore the anatomy of this incredibly intelligent invertebrate. Learn about the different body parts from its mantle to its core, then compare its squid-giness as you hop to a grasshopper dissection as well. Swarm to register – it’s going to be busy!

Solder On

  • Learn the basics of electronics soldering while making a practice kit with Aaron Rodgers, an instructor in the Telecommunications Networking Technician Program at Sask Polytechnic! Visitors will even get to take home their creation and show off their skills.


Science Improv

  • Come and witness a performance from the Hitchhikers Improv group, and then work with them to become part of a new show. We’d tell you more, but we’re really just making this up as we go…


Please note that the exhibit floor will be closed during this event.

October 6th, 2017 - Family Maker Day

Come out to our Family Maker day on Friday, October 6th!

Participate in workshops, create a cardboard creation in the Global Cardboard Challenge, and get creative with science as a family!

All activities are free with your General Admission, which means completely free for our Members!

Get 50% off admission to Saturday's Ignite! Expo with your Family Maker Day admission!  Keep your receipt, show it on Saturday, and you get an automatic 50% off general admission.


Global Cardboard Challenge - 10am to 5pm

  • Using only cardboard, can you build an arcade game? Test your game building skills using only cardboard and leave them for other people to play all weekend!

Toy-Take-Apart - 10am to 5pm

  • Discover how your toys move, make noise, and light up by taking them apart. Use circuit boards to make them come alive again!

The Saskatchewan Research Council – 10am to 5pm

  • Join the Saskatchewan Research Council at their booth where they’re encouraging people of all ages to become Honourary Scientists, and they’re making mini catapults to get you started.

Pendulum Art - 10am to 12:45pm

  • Make art that you can take home with you using a pendulum!

Colour-Changing Putty - 1:15pm to 5pm

  • Make some (borax-free!) putty that changes colour depending on the temperature. How does it work? Come and find out!

Videos in the Small Theatre – 10am To 5pm

  • Watch the original Caine’s Arcade film that inspired the Cardboard Challenge, and see other cardboard construction from around the world.

The following workshops have limited space and require sign up. Sign up will be at front desk on the day of and on a first come, first served basis. Each workshop lasts one hour.

Ozobots - 11am

  • Make a robot move by using sections of code! 

Squid Dissection - 1:30pm

  • As a family, work together to dissect a squid! Adult supervision is required.

Makey Makey - 2:30pm

  • Make yourself and your family into video game controllers!

Stage Shows

The Space Show - 11am

The Static Show - 12pm

The Fire Show - 1pm

The Cryogenics Show - 2pm

The Blood and Guts Show - 3pm

The Gyro Gym - 4pm

October 7th, 2017 - Ignite! Expo

This is it! The final day of our Ignite! Festival is Saturday, October 7th.

This is the day that we welcome people from our community who are changing the world with their innovations and creative ideas to show off their stuff! Our exhibitors will show you their latest creations, and there will be lots of extra activities as well.

This event is free with your General Admission, which means completely free for our Members!

Get 50% off admission to the Ignite! Expo with your Family Maker Day admission!  Keep your Friday receipt, show it on Saturday, and you get an automatic 50% off general admission.


  • Regina Games Forge - A local group of tabletop game designers who meet and host playtests regularly. They will have several prototypes of various tabletop games from local designers available to play and demo throughout the day.
  • Regina Scale Modelers – Creating intricate scale models of agricultural machinery
  • SLUG – Saskatchewan Lego Users Group are bringing various Lego creations and some brick-art by Tim Brix.
  • Queen City Cosplayers – showcasing their costumes as well as some home made accessories and props.
  • John Klein – Demonstrating his home solar panel array, and how to set one up.
  • Crashbang labs - Various projects built by lab members. Mostly electronic, laser cut and 3d printed parts.
  • Regina Rolling Robot Tours –Ride a Segway and learn more about balance and these cool rides.
  • Mighty Chameleon Brothers - A new, locally-created indie video game. It has been fashioned after classic arcade games of the 80's & 90's. Play a demo of the game with an authentic arcade joystick!
  • Miller High School – Students will be bringing along some of their STEM projects.
  • Rick Martens – 3D Printed props and a video presentation about Maker Spaces.
  • Talking Dog Studios - The Grid Virtual Reality Arcade game with a headset so visitors can play this new game
  • ZMZ Smithing – Live blacksmithing with a coal forge. Zach will show off his traditional smithing skills and make small pieces live in front of you!

Activities - These activities will run all day long!

  • Toy-Take-Apart
    • Discover how your toys move, make noise, and light up by taking them apart. Use circuit boards to make them come alive again!
  • Pendulum Art
    • Make art that you can take home with you using a pendulum!
  • Spectrometers
    • Explore light in a new way by putting together a spectrometer and having a look through it!
  • Boomwhackers!
    • Learn to play a tune using nothing but these colourful, clever little tubes.
  • The Cardboard Arcade
    • See what creations were made during the Cardboard Challenge on Family Maker Day, and play some of the games!

Stage Shows

The Static Show - 1pm

2pm Family Activity (Making Slime) - 2pm

The Cotton Candy Show - 3pm buy a bag after the show for only $3

The Spooky Science Show - 4pm An only in October special stage show!

The Gyro Gym - 5pm

Want to get involved? Contact us at ignite@sasksciencecentre.com

Our visitors got hands on with art and science in fun an innovative ways from October 5th-8th, 2016. And with 19+ Only Workshops, Family Maker Day, and the Ignite! Expo, our 3rd annual festival was better than ever!

Get involved in Ignite!

Innovative Educators: Do you have a cool job? Would your job inspire students? This is your chance to talk with students about how you got there! Participate in our Presentation Challenge to highlight your organization or field, but you have to do it in under 3 minutes! Or showcase your workplace with an information booth. 

Innovative Exhibitors: Do you have a cool science or engineering project you want to show off? From model steam engines to a replica R2D2, Lego art, telescopes, 3D printers, drones, programs, hacks, or garage creations -- whatever your imagination can conceive and your hands can build, you can display and explain it!

Innovative Artists: Do you have an art project that's also a science project? If you want to present your innovative interpretation on art and science this is your chance! Display your work or show off your performance.  We want your art and science mash-up!

Innovative Everyone: Not sure where you fit? No worries! We want innovation, and innovation won't fit in a box. Tell us about your job, project, artwork or whatever anyway!

For more information, please contact us at ignite@sasksciencecentre.com
Exhibitor registration is open! Please fill out this form to register.